A 50 Inch Custom Made Toroid

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A perfectly proportioned coil and toroid.

The secondary is 10 inches in diameter.

Photo Copyright of Kurt Schraner & used with permission

This beautifully manufactured toroid was custom made in Switzerland by Christos Galanis.
NB: (Although I am kindly allowed to use this toroid it belongs to a fellow coiler - P Strauss)

Overall sizes:
Main diameter: 49.4 inches (125.5cm)
Minor diameter: 11.18 inches (28.4cm)

It consists of 32 segments, each being made from a 'fish-shaped' template. These can be seen in pictures of the manufacturing process, which can be seen Here.  (Note: Prices quoted no longer apply, as 14 years out of date)

Each individual 1mm Aluminium segment then has a rolled edge applied, allowing it to be joined to its neighbour.

Unfortunately the manufacturer was unable to provide shipping, so collection was from Switzerland.

Photo Copyright of Kurt Schraner & used with permission

Weight is an amazingly light 15.65 pounds (7.1kG)