SRSG June 2015

Latest version now uses 1.5 inch diameter copper posts
Rotor disc is 12" diameter.


Flying Electrodes: 0.375" Tungsten / Copper Alloy. Flying Electrodes: 0.25" Tungsten

Rotor made from Tufnol

Recently after raising the power to around 7.5kW (estimated, as no PF correction at the time, ) I found the terminal posts were too hot to touch after a run. They always got warm, but considering they were finned 1" solid copper bar, I didn't expect them to get hot enough to burn, which is what was happening.
If they were getting that hot then obviously quenching would be suffering as well, so for that reason I upgraded to 1.5" copper bar with a larger thermal mass.
At the same time I made up another rotor with an uneven firing rate, based on an Idea of Richie Burnett.
More about this Elsewhere on this site.

Finished SRSG, with copper terminal posts
Machining an electrode post in the lathe
The finished SRSG in place on the coil